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Meduusat Studio

Defect and Surplus items

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25 % OFF a wide variety of pieces. 
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The pieces are sold AS IS; as usual, returns are not accepted due to hygiene concerns.

These are either surplus pieces from events, custom colours, or slightly damaged.
Please refer to the original listings for accurate descriptions and sizes.

All products are sold in singles or pairs like their original listings unless otherwise specified.

If more than one of the same product is available, a random one will be picked out of the batch. 

'Surplus' - leftover from an event or accidentally made
'Display item' - the product has been used for photos/videos.


1.  Flower Choker Pale Defect
2.  Spider Eyes Pale Defect
3.  Spider Eyes Pale Defect
4.  Spider Eyes Pale Defect
5.  Dragon, Right Pale Defect
6. Mutant, Half Pale Defect
7.  Manta Gills Pale Defect
8.  Cannabis Pasties Pale Defect
9. African Star Pale Display Item
10.  Triple Horns Pale Defect
11.  Devil Horns Pale Defect
12.  Oni Horns Pale Defect
13. Third Eye Tan Incorrect colour
14. Third Eye Pale Incorrect colour
15. Nose Bridge Pale Defect
16.  Elf Ears Pale Defect
17. Gem Pale Defect (sold as singles)



Customer Reviews

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Are they reusable?

Most of my products are fully reusable, though you're likely to get a more noticeable edge after the first application.

How do you apply them?

Every order comes with a handy little booklet to walk you through the application.

I try my best to make all my products user-friendly, so no previous experience is required.

Do you sell adhesive?

No, because adhesives can not be shipped by air.

I recommend getting a silicone adhesive such as Snappy G, Telesis or Sil-key, or you can use Pros-Aide.

I do not recommend Spirit gum.