About Us

Meet the members of Meduusat Studio!


Welcome to the mystical realm of Meduusat Studio, where every silicone prosthetic is a piece of my heart and creativity.

I'm Janina, your artisan and guide into the enchanting world of transformative beauty. Once upon a time, trapped in a job that drained me of my spirit, I dreamed of a space where I could share my passion for makeup magic with others.

That's when Meduusat Studio was born – a haven for those seeking to enhance their beauty with a touch of the fantastical. Each prosthetic I craft is a labour of love, moulded to perfection to ensure you experience the joy I feel when creating these pieces. I take pride in knowing that my creations are not only stunning but also kind to your skin, being hypoallergenic, ensuring everyone can indulge in their fantasy.

My mission? It's simple. I want you to love these prosthetics as much as I do. To wear them and feel the power of transformation, of becoming anything you desire. Be it for a night out, a photo shoot, or a magical event, I am dedicated to making your dreams a reality.

So step into Meduusat Studio, where every prosthetic tells a story, and let's create something extraordinary together. ✨🎨🖌




HR Manager.
Mamo's main role is to make sure the human eats, sleeps and occasionally leaves the house.