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Meduusat Studio

Small Horns Set / Silicone prosthetics / Latex Free

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Silicone prosthetic hand-sculpted and cast using skin-friendly and food-safe silicone.
Perfect for special effects photo sessions, Halloween, or cosplay.

These prosthetics are sold as a full set of 9 horns.



The largest horns are roughly at widest 3 cm long, 2.5 cm wide, and 3.5 cm tall.
The smallest horns are roughly at widest 2 cm long, 2 cm wide, and 2 cm tall.



The piece comes with full instructions.
It can be painted using regular makeup, body paint, or alcohol-activated paint and is reusable if handled carefully.
Applied using silicone adhesives such as Snappy G, Telesis 5/8, or Pros-Aide.

Differences between Silicone and Latex:
- Unlike latex, silicone is a practically unheard of allergy.
- Silicone is flexible and behaves much like skin, making the pieces much more realistic and comfortable to wear.
- Silicone has super thin edges blending seamlessly into the skin. As these are hand cast, slight variations may occur.



Comes in 3 colours:
- Pale *NEW*
- Tan
- Dark
Colour may vary slightly.


Made to order; please allow 2-5 days for production on top of shipping.

1-3 business day delivery aim for UK customers.
1-2 weeks delivery aim for EU customers.
2-3 weeks delivery aim for all other international customers.

Is it very IMPORTANT or need in QUICKLY? Update to Trackable at check out. Standard shipping is not trackable; if it's lost - it's lost.
These times are aims set by the Royal Mail and are not guaranteed.

Once the parcels have been handed over to the postal service I am no longer responsible for any delays or customs fees.

We try our hardest to be environment-friendly and therefore package our products in recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable materials when possible.

Customer Reviews

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Are they reusable?

Silicone prosthetics are not designed to be reusable. Most of my prosthetics can be reused, but you're likely to get a more noticable edge after the first application.

How do you apply them?

Every order comes with a handy little booklet to walk you through the application.

I try my best to make all my products user-friendly, so no previous experience is required.

Do you sell adhesive?

No, because adhesives can not be shipped by air.

I recommend getting a silicone adhesive such as Snappy G, Telesis or Sil-key, or you can use Pros-Aide.

I do not recommend Spirit gum.