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Meduusat Studio

Blindfold / Silicone / Vegan leather

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Hand-made blindfold made out of skin- and food-safe silicone with vegan leather straps and nickel-plated fasteners (brass coming soon). 

These are made to order, so please allow up to two weeks for processing. 


Mask width: 16cm.

Choose your head circumference and I will add the middle hole of the strap at this point. The holes are then spaced in 1.5 cm intervals. 



Black silicone with black straps.
Nickel-plated fasteners (brass soon available)

Looking for another colour? Get in touch and I'll see what I can do!



As these are hand-made they can not handle rough treatment. 

Got a tear? Use Smooth-on's Sil-poxy to glue the silicone back together.

Repair service available for UK customers (fees apply). 

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Are they reusable?

Most of my products are fully reusable, though you're likely to get a more noticeable edge after the first application.

How do you apply them?

Every order comes with a handy little booklet to walk you through the application.

I try my best to make all my products user-friendly, so no previous experience is required.

Do you sell adhesive?

No, because adhesives can not be shipped by air.

I recommend getting a silicone adhesive such as Snappy G, Telesis or Sil-key, or you can use Pros-Aide.

I do not recommend Spirit gum.